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DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager.

DownloadStudio - What's New

We are constantly testing and improving DownloadStudio so you can download files, movies, TV shows, music, programs, flash video, games, photos, documents, RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, complete web sites, complete FTP sites and much more!

We test downloading files from the most popular web sites. We test DownloadStudio with the latest web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. We run DownloadStudio on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Below you can read the changelog for DownloadStudio.


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What's New in DownloadStudio

New: Web browser add-on for Google Chrome web browser.

New: Web browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser.

New: Support for downloading videos from 500+ popular video web sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion + more.

Fixed: Various crashes reported by users.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved: Downloading videos from YouTube.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New: Google Chrome web browser extension available from Google Chrome web store.

New: Site Explorer has new search edit box to let you search for files to download.

New: DownloadStudio Monitor window is displayed when downloading from Site Explorer.

New: Site Explorer is displayed for first-time users.

Improved: Downloading videos from YouTube.

Improved: Downloading videos from popular video sites.

Improved: DownloadStudio URL Sniffer now monitors URLs in DownloadStudio.

Fixed: Various crashes and other major issues reported by users.

Removed: Support for Opera web browser.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New: Support for downloading video from popular video web sites - including YouTube, Dailymotion, Youku, NicoVideo,, Metacafe, Google Video, Yahoo, Vimeo, Veoh,, Jokeroo, Momovideo, Break, Himado, Twitter Vine, Mixi and many more.

New: Support for downloading files from from popular filesharing web sites - including Dropbox, RapidShare, 4shared, Yousendit, Filefront, Filecloud, Filefactory, Uploading, Gigasize, Netload, Sendspace, Mediafire and many more.

New: Support for downloading photos from from popular photo sharing web sites - including Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Mixi and many more.

New: Support for downloading files from from popular social networking web sites - including Facebook and Twitter and many more.

New: Support for latest versions of all popular web browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Fixed: Various crashes reported by users.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New: Spanish language support.

New: Firefox 6, 7 & 8 support.

New: Web Site Download Job can now be limited by the size or number of files to download.

New: A Web Site Download Job can now parse for links using regular expressions.

New: Off Peak Download Window allows users to set the period of the day when downloads will be automatically started and stopped. This can allow users to avoid excess download charges from their ISP.

New: Download template for downloading photo albums from Facebook.

New: Download template for downloading photo albums from Flickr.

New: Download template for downloading photo albums from Picasa.

New: Download template for downloading photo albums from TwitPic.

New: Download template for downloading photo albums from Photobucket.

New: SHA1 hash check support on completion of downloads.

New: Resizable Add Download Job dialog.

New: Support for the new format of cookies in Internet Explorer.

Updated: Chrome plugin improvements.

Updated: YouTube video formats expanded.

Fixed: Several download issues causing downloads to fail from some sites or after resuming.

Fixed: Check URL fails first time button is pressed.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New: Support for Firefox 5 web browser.

Improved: Downloading files from FileSonic file sharing site (Premium only), including support for site rules with Filesonic username and password.

Fixed: Sometimes files corrupted when downloading from particular web servers.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved: Downloading files from FileSonic file sharing site.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved: Support for Firefox 4 web browsers.

Improved: Downloading videos from Youtube.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved: Site downloading enhancements.

Fixed: Reading Firefox cookies.

Fixed: Catching download clicks in Google Chrome web browser.

Fixed: Exporting download jobs to external file.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New: French language support.

New: Czech language support.

Improved: Support for Firefox 4.0.

Improved: Reading cookies from Firefox.

Fixed: Download speed increased.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved: Reading cookies from Firefox web browser.

Fixed: Registration issue fixed.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New: Russian and Ukrainian language support (Thanks to WYLEK).

New: Firefox 4.0 support.

Fixed: YouTube downloading.

Fixed: Megaupload files now downloaded with correct filename.

Fixed: Ability to automatically use different download folders based on file type.

Fixed: Chrome extension support.

Fixed: More than 30 other bug fixes made to this version, included fixes for problems reported by customers.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New! 30-50% faster downloading algorithm. DownloadStudio has been tested against all popular download managers, and DownloadStudio was consistently the fastest download manager when downloading 1MB, 10MB, 100MB and 4GB files from web sites located around the world.

New! Download High-Definition (HD) video from Youtube, Metacafe and more.

New! Post processing actions. Automatically combine multi-part files (.001, .002, etc.) Automatically unzip compressed files.

New! Automatic audio/video conversion. Convert downloaded audio and video files to your preferred formats. For example, convert YouTube Flash video (FLV) files to MPEG-2, AVI, M4V or WMV.

New! Support for Mezzmo media server - download a movie and have it automatically added to Mezzmo so it can be streamed to your TV!

New! Set proxy servers for specific web sites and download jobs. Add proxy server settings into your site rules or download jobs so you can download using different proxy servers depending on the site or URL.

New! Byte counter - all bytes downloaded are now counted and displayed on the status bar. Reset each month to match you ISP internet account.

Improved! Support for latest web browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and more.

Fixed! More than 50 bug fixes made to this version, included many fixes for problems reported by customers.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Fixed! Issue reading Internet Explorer 8 cookies.

Fixed! Capture audio to mp3 was using incorrect filename and recording at incorrect sample rate.

Fixed! Issue where site rule folders may be ignored.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New! Windows 7 compatibility - works with all Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

New! Full Unicode support - download and save files in any language.

New! Multi-language user interface - English and Polish language are included in v5.2, with many more languages coming soon!

New! Megaupload Premium downloading supported - download files fast from Megaupload directly in DownloadStudio.

New! Safari and Google Chrome cookies supported - lets you download using information from these web browsers' cookie jars.

New! Opera v10.x supported - support for the latest version of Opera.

New! Bing search engine added to the Query Search Engine dialog.

Improved! Add List Of Jobs dialog has been resized and improved or easier use.

Improved! Download video from all popular video sites (Youtube, DailyMotion and more).

Improved! Downloading files from popular file sharing sites.

Fixed! More than 30 bug fixes made to this version, included many fixes for problems reported by customers.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved! Support for Firefox 3.5.

Fixed! Various issues fixed.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved! Better detection and downloading of videos from YouTube.

Improved! Faster display of Add Job dialog when clicking on links in web browsers.

Improved! Support for more types of RSS feeds including more languages.

Fixed! Several issues when downloading streaming media fixed.

Fixed! Site rules now working for slient downloading.

Fixed! Volume button now working in Audio/Video Capture under Windows XP 64-bit.

Fixed! Several issues related to Windows XP 64-bit and Windows 2003 fixed.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New! Download videos from more popular video sites - Megavideo, NicoVideo and FileCloud.

Improved! Instant video detection from popular video sites such as YouTube, Google Video and NicoVideo.

Improved! Better integration with Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2).

Improved! RSS feed reader supports international languages and character sets.

Improved! Faster click monitoring from web browsers.

Fixed! Several reported streaming audio and video issues.

Fixed! Downloads completed incorrectly and corrupted issue.

Fixed! No audio recorded when using Audio/Video Capture on Windows Vista.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved! URL Sniffer now using cookies and user agent from web browsers.

Improved! Better information displayed on Notify popup window.

Improved! DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture works better with media players such as VLC Media Player.

Fixed! Better integration with Opera on Windows Vista.

Fixed! Several issues with improper file naming when downloading.

Fixed! Issue when integrating into web browsers first time.

Fixed! Issue with non-scrolling folder edit box.

Fixed! Check For Updates now detects updates always.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New! Google Chrome supported - download files fast using DownloadStudio in the new Google Chrome web browser.

New! Internet Explorer 8 supported - download files using DownloadStudio in the new Internet Explorer 8 (Beta) web browser.

New! Notify Popup window - convenient popup window is displayed whenever a download completes.

New! Bandwidth Odometer - tells you instantly how fast DownloadStudio is downloading.

New! Full cookie support for Flock web browser.

New! One-click error reporting when download jobs fail.

New! Play a sound whenever a download completes or fails.

Improved! Streaming media downloading supports more formats and live broadcasts.

Improved! Faster downloading with more splits and more connections.

Improved! Youtube flash video downloading.

Improved! Faster click monitoring with web browsers.

Improved! DownloadStudio URL Sniffer now finds more URLs.

Improved! RSS Feed Reader nows supports more RSS formats.

Fixed! More than 30 bug fixes made to this version, included many fixes for problems reported by customers.

What's New in DownloadStudio

New! File hosting sites hint dialog. Helps you download from RapidShare, Megaupload, FileFront, YouSendIt, Netload and more!

New! FlashGot extension now includes built-in support for DownloadStudio.

Improved FTP downloading.

Improved job scheduling.

Fixed issue where invalid URLs stay in connecting state.

Fixed issue causing YouTube downloads to intermittently fail.

Fixed issue preventing download of MetaCafe flash video.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved speed of web site downloading.

Improved support for popular FlashGot download extension.

Improved detection and downloading high-definition flash video from Vimeo and other video sites.

Improved audio/video capture using WMV format.

Improved file name detection for url redirects.

Fixed issue with RSS feeds not updating correctly.

Fixed crash on web site download jobs.

Fixed issue with creation of sub-folders in file range download jobs.

Fixed issue with site rules.

What's New in DownloadStudio

Improved downloading from RapidShare and Megaupload for both premium and non-premium accounts.

Fix for reading cookies from Firefox 3.

Fix for capturing video and saving as WMV using DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture.

Improved downloading from Internet Explorer and Opera.

Fix so that user file names are kept when downloads redirect to another URL.

What's New in DownloadStudio 5.0

Download Flash Video (FLV) - simply right-click on a web page and click "Download Video" to get Flash Video (FLV) from all popular video sites like Youtube, Google Video, Myspace, Dailymotion, Crackle, Sharkle, Metacafe and more.

RapidShare (Free and Premium) support - download files from this popular file hosting site with either free accounts or premium accounts.

Download from all popular file hosting sites - including Megaupload, FileFront, YouSendIt and many more.

SHOUTcast internet radio support - lets you download digital media from SHOUTcast servers.

Support for Firefox 3.0 - DownloadStudio extension is fully supported in latest Firefox version.

Support for Flock - use DownloadStudio with this popular social networking web browser.

FlashGot support - use DownloadStudio with the popular FlashGot extension in Firefox, Flock, Netscape or Mozilla.

Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit support - DownloadStudio has been tested on Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit.

Site Rules let you define what sites you want to download from and what sites you do not want to download from. Site rules also let you define the number of connections, number of splits, user name/password and download folder for sites.

Faster downloading with improved downloading engine especially for large split downloads.

Cookie jar support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera - ensure all your downloads work by getting cookies directly from your web browser.

HTTP Post Data support - lets you download files from web pages that use forms or CAPTCHA images.

XML interface - import and export all the settings for your download jobs using XML.

URL Sniffer now finds more URLs and displays more information about URLs.

Add Job dialog overhauled so its easier-to-use and provides more information.

Add List of Jobs dialog overhauled so its easier-to-use, lets you check all URLs and remove broken links.

Streaming media downloading supports more formats and live broadcasts.

Improved Vista and Internet Explorer 7 support.

Opera 9.x is now fully supported.

Improved audio and video capture..

More than 100 bug fixes made to this version, including many fixes for problems reported by customers.

What's New in DownloadStudio 4.0

Clearer, new-look user interface - user interface has been overhauled to make it easier to use.

Windows Vista is now fully supported.

Support for downloading large files (greater than 4GB).

Internet Explorer click monitoring is now able to detect and download more download links.

Internet Explorer 7.0 is now fully supported.

Firefox 2.x is now fully supported.

Opera 9.x is now fully supported.

Netscape 9.x is now fully supported.

Mozilla 1.7.x is now fully supported.

ATOM 1.0 support for RSS/podcast downloading.

Faster start up time - DownloadStudio now starts up faster for quicker downloading.

Add List Of Jobs dialog - lets you create multiple download jobs with one click. Get URLs from Windows clipboard, html file or text file.

Web Browser Integration dialog now appears when first starting DownloadStudio for immediate web browser integration.

Remember last download folder - lets you keep the last download folder when creating new download jobs.

Use web server date and time - lets you use the web site's date and time for downloaded files.

Show/hide file browser - lets you turn off DownloadStudio's built-in file browser and instead use Windows Explorer.

Link detection in M3U files so you can download more files from sites.

Streaming media WSX server-side playlists can be downloaded.

Streaming media live broadcasts can be downloaded.

DRM in streaming media downloads are now detected.

Streaming media multi-level meta files (ASX, WAX, WVX) is now supported.

Streaming media meta files are now displayed in Site Explorer mode.

Auto discover RSS feeds and podcasts on web pages.

Turn off and on Windows hardware acceleration when capturing video.

Turn off and on Windows Vista Aero theme when capturing video.

Better audio card support when capturing audio using DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture.

30% faster when downloading web sites.

Rename, overwrite setting now applies to single file download jobs.

Find dialog now lets you find your downloaded files based on file size, date, name and more.

Link detection in JavaScript finds more URLs so you can download more files from sites.

What's New in DownloadStudio 3.0

Subscribe to and download RSS feeds and blogs. Supports all popular standards - including RSS, RDF & ATOM. Check for updates to feeds at regular intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.). Download links in feeds for complete offline viewing.

Download complete podcasts. All music and video from podcasts are downloaded so you can play them on your computer or add them to your portable media player, such as an Apple iPod or Sony PSP.

New RSS Feed Reader lets you view and manage all your favorite RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts. Features include web preview, check for updates, layout styles and more.

New Quick Start mode gives you instant access to all tools and features of DownloadStudio. Organized for both beginner and expert users, you can now easily access all downloading tasks and tools, capture audio & video, configure your web browser and adjust DownloadStudio's settings.

Take instant snapshots of web pages in your web browser and add them to the DownloadStudio Scrapbook. Simply right-click in your web browser and click "Add to Scrapbook". The web page is downloaded and added to the special Scrapbook category. A great research tool!

Find "hard-to-get" URLs using the new DownloadStudio URL Sniffer application. DownloadStudio URL Sniffer lets you watch your computer's network and internet connection for any URLs that pass through this traffic. This is very useful to get URLs for streaming media from your media player when it plays movies and music.

Use download templates to define your regular downloading tasks. You now have full power and flexibility to create your own favorite downloading tasks!

View slideshows of all downloaded images on your computer. Simply click "Slideshow" in the DownloadStudio Instant Viewer.

New version of Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape Extension. Supports all the latest versions of these web browsers. Added more commands to right-click menus so you can now hide the toolbar and still get full access to all DownloadStudio features. Added "Click Monitoring" to toolbar and right-click menu to let you easily turn on/off click monitoring.

Updated tutorials help you learn how to get different types of content from the web.

What's New in DownloadStudio 2.2

The new DownloadStudio Monitor window is a compact, easy-to-read window that provides instant feedback about all your downloads. It will appear when downloads start or when downloads complete, so you know exactly the status of the files that are downloading.

Silent downloading is now available for no-click and no-dialog downloading. When turned on, downloading files from your web browser will start immediately with no further clicks or dialogs required - since DownloadStudio will use your preferred download folder and settings. This is the fastest way to download from web browsers.

Opera 8 web browser support added. DownloadStudio now detects and installs its plug-ins and context menus into Opera 8.

New version of Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape Extension. Added more MIME types to catch for program files. Improved help file and messages to assist with integration problems.

Improved support of URLs with spaces and escapes. DownloadStudio now is able to download files that contain spaces or escapes and writes them to disk without escapes.

Browse Internet mode now displays MIME types for all URLs. Improved the detection of MIME types for URLs on web servers so that the URLs can be previewed.

Improved detection of streaming media files in WVX, WAX and ASX URLs.

Fixed several DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture problems.

More flexible configuration of Expert mode, Download Wizard and silent downloading. Can now set up DownloadStudio to use which mode you prefer when creating and editing download jobs and which mode you prefer when clicking on downloads in your web browser.

Improved user interface and navigation to make Job Details, Job Conversation, Job Files and Job Graph more visible.

Web browser detection updated for new versions of browsers, and added manual selection of web browsers.

Fixed several install/uninstall issues - including "un3.dll" uninstall problem.

Help file has many new topics to assist configuration and downloading of files.

What's New in DownloadStudio 2.1

DownloadStudio 2.1 now works with all popular web browsers:

  • Firefox 1.0 or higher
  • Mozilla 1.0 or higher
  • Opera 7.0 or higher
  • Netscape 7.0 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • Internet Explorer-based browsers, including:
    • Maxthon
    • NetCaptor
    • Avant Browser

DownloadStudio adds a special download toolbar into your web browser (Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer only) that helps you download all the files and web pages as you browse the internet.

Advanced click monitoring techniques catch all your browser download clicks so you will never have to download the slow way again!

Right-click context menus in your web browser let you download images, links, pages and sites.

Drag and drop of selected web page content from your web browser into DownloadStudio Drop Window for quick downloading (Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer only).

".dstudio" file extension added to files while downloading.

Popup blocking added to Browse Internet mode Preview.

Last mode (Download, Browse Internet, Browse Computer) restored when starting DownloadStudio.

File range downloading improved to handle more types of URLs.

Improved support for capturing audio from the latest audio cards

What's New in DownloadStudio 2.0

DownloadStudio is your ultimate download manager and download accelerator! It will accelerate your downloads up to 500% (depending on your internet connection) and assist you to get all the files that you need from the internet.

Version 2.0 has over 100 new features and improvements!

New Downloading Features
New Browse Internet Features
New Browse Computer Features
New Capturing Audio and Video Features
New Internet Explorer Features
Other New Features

New Downloading Features!

Easy-to-use Download Wizard guides you through all the steps to download files from the internet.

Expert mode lets you create download jobs with one click. All information is pre-filled with your preferences.

Switch between Download Wizard and Expert mode at any time.

Web site downloading has been improved and is now up to 30% faster.

Improved streaming audio and video downloading from Windows Media Servers, including file splitting technology and meta file parsing (WVX, ASX, WAX).

New synchronized downloading option lets you download just the changes that appear on a web site or FTP site.

Unlimited link depth lets you download a complete web site or FTP site.

Keyword matching lets you download specific web pages of interest. DownloadStudio matches text in web pages' title, description, keywords and display text.

Download files from Flash-based web sites. DownloadStudio can now extract links from Flash content (SWF).

Download topics and threads from Yahoo Groups.

Download topics and threads from web sites containing MiniBBS forums.

More information about downloads is displayed in the job details view.

URL re-redirection improved.

FTP login access and downloading improved.

Cookie support improved.

More configuration options added for download log file.

Download web pages from your Internet Explorer favorites.

Auto-complete technology added to windows so that folder and file edit boxes have fast entry.

New Browse Internet Features!

Preview pane added to Browse Internet mode for instant viewing of web pages, graphics and Flash content.

Related text column added to Browse Internet mode.

Improved folder display and removal.

New Browse Computer Features!

Print all the images that you have downloaded with the easy-to-use Print Wizard. Print high quality single image prints or contact sheets.

File types are now fully customizable so that you can add new file types for downloading and viewing.

New command to let you remove categories.

Capturing Audio and Video

DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture has a re-designed user interface that makes it easier to record audio and video from other applications such as Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer.

More recording settings assist you to customize the way you wish to record audio and video.

New status bar displays key information such as number of frames, recording time and file size.

Recording time is now unlimited (even on FAT/FAT32 file systems where there is usually a 2GB/4GB limit!) so that you are only limited by your hard disk space.

Smart-spanning automatically creates multiple output files based on your suggested file size limit. You can use this for creating recordings suitable for CD or DVD media.

Synchronization of audio and video has been improved so that recordings are always synchronized.

Easier setup - the recommended audio device for recording audio is automatically detected when first starting DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture.

The aspect ratio of Windows Media Video files can now be maintained for all standard Windows Media profiles.

Improved highlighting when selecting a capture window for recording.

Internet Explorer Integration

New-look DownloadStudio Toolbar that contains more features and flexibility.

Toolbar buttons let you to download the current web page being viewed in Internet Explorer, or download the complete web site being viewed in Internet Explorer, or view all links on the current web page.

Download images and links from a selection in Internet Explorer.

Right mouse context menu can now be customized.

All images and Flash content (SWF) can be viewed in the new DownloadStudio Image/Flash Viewer. View content for the current web page or for all content stored in your Internet Explorer cache. You can select individual items or all items to save to your download folder.

Auto-highlighting on Flash content tells you when you hover your mouse over Flash content (SWF) in Internet Explorer.

Floating toolbar displayed over Flash content (SWF) to assist saving Flash files to your download folder.

Extra menu items added to Flash right mouse button context menu to assist you to save Flash files (SWF) to your download folder.

More control over Internet Explorer click monitoring - start and stop without closing all open Internet Explorer windows, and ignore clicks on URLs with parameters.

Other New Features

New-look user interface with clearer and easier-to-understand menus, toolbars and views. Navigation within DownloadStudio has also been improved.

More options let you customize how you want to use DownloadStudio, including clearing history to remove all URLs, user names and passwords used so far, and choosing the folder location to be used for temporary files when downloading.

System tray icon now displays tooltip status information about download progress.

Drop window now displays tooltip status information about download progress.

Uses less CPU and memory - making it easier to use DownloadStudio with your other applications while downloading.

System files and database regularly analyzed when closing DownloadStudio to maintain integrity.

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