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DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager.

DownloadStudio - Screenshots

DownloadStudio is easy-to-use and has a well designed layout. All tools are integrated and contain full context-sensitive help. Click F1 on any screen and you will be able to read detailed explanations of what to do.

DownloadStudio also contains tutorials to teach you how to download files, download movies, download music, capture video, sniff URLs, and much more.

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Price: $24.95


Price: $14.97

Download Files

DownloadStudio - Download Files Window is your control center for all your downloads. All your downloads are listed in this window and they can be edited, resumed, re-started, scheduled, removed, opened, previewed and more.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. Download Window.  Allows you to create as many downloads as you like. Downloads are automatically queued and managed. Easy-to-read, detailed information is displayed about all downloads.
[DownloadStudio - Download Files Window]

Download Flash Video

DownloadStudio can download all your favorite Flash Video (FLV) from web sites like Youtube, Megavideo, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more. Simply right-click on a web page in your web browser and click the Download Video menu item.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. Firefox with DownloadStudio integration.  Lets you download images, video, audio, links, the current web page or complete web site.  View links on the current page, and more!
[Downloading a Flash Video from Youtube in Firefox]

Capture Streaming Audio or Video

DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture lets you record any audio or video as it plays in your web browser or media player. You can save it to your hard disk so that you can play it back later without accessing the internet.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. Audio And Video Capture Window.  Allows you to capture streaming video and audio from web sites, so you can capture and save all the videos and audio from the internet!
[DownloadStudio Audio And Video Capture]

Integrates into Web Browsers

DownloadStudio works with all popular web browsers - including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Flock, Mozilla and Netscape. Features include a special download toolbar, right-click context menus, click monitoring, flash detection and saving, and drag-and-drop support. All features can be turned on/off.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. Internet Explorer with DownloadStudio integration.  Lets you download images, video, audio, links, the current web page or complete web site.  View links on the current page.  View images and Flash on current page, and more!
[DownloadStudio integrated into Internet Explorer]

Quick Start

DownloadStudio - Quick Start Window gives you instant access to all tools and features of DownloadStudio. You can create new downloads, capture audio and video, configure your web browser and access all other tools in DownloadStudio.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. Quick Start - all features and tools in one easy place find them.
[DownloadStudio Quick Start]

URL Sniffer

DownloadStudio URL Sniffer lets you watch your computer's network and internet connection and catch any URLs that pass through internet traffic. This is a very useful way to find 'hard-to-get' URLs such as those from your media player when it plays movies and music.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. URL Sniffer - find hard-to-get URLs and download them!
[DownloadStudio URL Sniffer]

Monitor Window

DownloadStudio Monitor window is a compact, easy-to-read window that tells you key information about all your downloads. If you find the DownloadStudio main window too complex, you can switch to this window at anytime by pressing the CTRL+D keys.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. Monitor window - a compact, easy-to-read way to view the progress of all your downloads.
[DownloadStudio Monitor]

RSS/Podcast Reader

DownloadStudio - RSS/Podcast Reader Window lets you view all your favorite RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts. You can create, edit, view and manage all your feeds. You can also check each feed for any updates and download all links within feeds for complete offline viewing.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. RSS/Podcast Reader Window.  Read RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts.  Download music and video from podcasts!
[DownloadStudio - RSS/Podcast Reader Window]

Site Explorer

DownloadStudio - Site Explorer Window lets you browse internet web sites and FTP sites and view all the links and images contained on a site. This is very useful for finding links and files to download.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. Site Explorer Window.  Allows you to get 'under-the-hood' and walk through web sites and FTP sites. Download files that you find with one click!
[DownloadStudio - Site Explorer Window]

File Browser

DownloadStudio - File Browser Window allows you to browse all the files on your computer. File Browser Window is just like Windows Explorer - except that it is able to thumbnail over 150 file formats and has a built-in Instant Viewer.

DownloadStudio. Award-winning download manager. File Browser Window.  Allows you to view all your files that you have downloaded on your computer.  Visual thumbnails are displayed for pictures, web pages, flash files, movies and more! Over 150 file formats supported!
[DownloadStudio - File Browser Window]

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